The Menu Bar Applet

A Few Sample Configurations

<param> list

name=labelNvalue=labels for menu items (required)
name=linkNvalue=links for menu items (required)
name=statusNvalue=status text for menu items (optional)
name=target[N]value=frame target for menu item links (optional)
name=bgColor[N]value=background color (name or RRGGBB hex) (default: None)
name=fgColor[N]value=foreground color (name or RRGGBB hex) (default: Black)
name=slColor[N]value=select color (name or RRGGBB hex) (default: White)
name=fontName[N]value=Java supported font name (default: TimesRoman)
name=fontSize[N]value=Java supported font size (default: 12)
name=fontType[N]value=Plain, Bold, or Italic (default: Plain)
name=orientationvalue=Horizontal or Vertical (default: vertical)
name=vJustifyvalue=Top, Center, or Bottom (default: Center)
name=hJustifyvalue=Left, Center, or Right (default: Left)
name=vSpacingvalue=internal vertical spacing in pixels (default: 0)
name=hSpacingvalue=internal horizontal spacing in pixels (default: 0)
name=vPaddingvalue=internal vertical padding in pixels (default: 0)
name=hPaddingvalue=internal horizontal padding in pixels (default: 0)
name=imagevalue=valid URL for tiled image backgound (default: None)
name=imageXvalue=x coordinate pixel offset of image (default: 0)
name=imageYvalue=y coordinate pixel offset of image (default: 0)

Options with a [N] suffix can be specified globally by omitting the index suffix, or individually for each menu item by specifying the index suffix (an integer). Individual specifications override any global specifications. Options with a N suffix must be specified individually only. Options take their default value on omission.