The MultiTicker Applet
(a.k.a fun with pixel scrolling and inter-applet synchronization)
<param> list
name=dataURLvalue=content URL containing ticker data
name=reloadvalue=content URL reload interval in ms (default: no updates)
name=speedvalue=ticker speed in pixels per redraw (default: 8)
name=delayvalue=animation interval in ms (default: 200)
name=bgColorvalue=RRGGBB background color in hex (default: white)
name=fgColorvalue=RRGGBB foreground color in hex (default: black)
name=fontNamevalue=Java supported font name (default: TimesRoman)
name=fontSizevalue=Java supported font size (default: 12)
name=fontTypevalue=Plain, Bold, or Italic (default: Plain)
name=orientationvalue=up, down, left, or right (default: up)
name=numSlavesvalue=number of sequential slave displays (default: 0)
name=slaveIDslaveID = -1 (master, no slaves, default)
slaveID = 0 (master, with slaves)
slaveID = 1..numSlaves (slave display)