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<param> list

name=dataURLvalue=content URL containing ticker data
name=linkURLvalue=URL link to go to on mouse up (default: none)
name=reloadvalue=content URL reload interval in ms (default: no updates)
name=dataStringNvalue=content strings for ticker data, where N is in [0-9]
name=dataLinksNvalue=content links for content strings, where N is in [0-9]
name=speedvalue=ticker speed in pixels per redraw (default: 8)
name=delayvalue=animation interval in ms (default: 200)
name=bgColorvalue=RRGGBB background color in hex (default: white)
name=fgColorvalue=RRGGBB foreground color in hex (default: black)
name=fontNamevalue=Java supported font name (default: TimesRoman)
name=fontSizevalue=Java supported font size (default: 12)
name=fontTypevalue=Plain, Bold, or Italic (default: Plain)

The dataURL contents take precendence over the dataString values, when dataURL exists and is accessible. No spaces are inserted bewteen dataStrings (add them yourself in the strings), but spaces are substituted for newlines in the dataURL content. The linkURL is associated with the dataURL content, the dataLinkN links are associated with the respective dataStringN string. Ommitted components are silently omitted. The content updates from dataURL are held pending until the next ticker cycle (so the screen doesn't flash). A message is printed to the java console when an update occurs. The animation step is timed, so the intra-frame interval is limited to be no less than the delay value (but it can be longer if a machine is particularly slow...).